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‚ÄčWatchWORD Productions The WatchWORD Video Bible Contemporary English Version 10-DvD Set plays anywhere on all devices. User-friendly. Easy-to-read and remember Bible narration, images and graphics.

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THE only full motion video BIBLE using technology created especially for THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION.

 Read. Watch. Hear. Understand and Remember the content you access on your smartphone, tablet and laptop because you engage more senses than by reading alone. It really is " the Bible made easy." You can use the WatchWORD Video Bible Contemporary English Version for personal or group study. Available as a digital download or the 10-DVD Set.

Try before you buy. Our youTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/WatchWORDBible is stocked with the first chapter from every book in the New Testament. We'd love to know what you think.  Join us on Facebook and engage. Please tell us how you're using your WatchWORD Productions Video Bible and how it is affecting your spiritual growth. One of our primary goals is to end Bible illiteracy. Your help with this cause by sharing with us and your friends is very much appreciated.




it's the most powerful way that you will read the bible, ever!.  Watch.  read.  hear.  amazing!