The easy to read and understand video bible that you watch like a movie. This Contemporary English Version is written at a 5th-grade reading level, which makes it ideal for learning English. Use any other Bible in your native language and read the identical passage you're watching as WatchWORD Productions The Watchword Video Bible Contemporary English Version 10-DVD set is playing.  You can learn at your own individual pace  by yourself or with a friend. Click on logo to try.

Many generations have been taught English through the years by using the Bible as an instructional tool. It is tried and true! 

  • Repeat the phrases out loud. 
  • Play, stop then replay as many times as necessary to learn how to speak and read the English language well. 
  • See the correct spelling of common English words. Hear the words spoken in conversational sentences. 
  • The ultimate user-friendly Contemporary English Version New Testament that plays on all devices anywhere at any time.

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LEARN ENGLISH the easy way by watching, hearing and reading along.