There's never been a better opportunity to make an investment in a DVD that will impact your child's ability to read and speak English. 

Right now, the WatchWORD Productions Watchword Video Bible Contemporary English Version 10-DVD Set is specially priced at $59.99 and a BUY ONE.GET ONE,FREE offer!

  • You watch, read, and hear God's Word all at once on video.
  • Beautiful scenes engage and draw you in.
  • Easy-to-read text appears on screen perfectly harmonized with the narration.
  • Music and sound effects stir your heart and capture your imagination.
  • Plus, you can remember up to five times more scripture than reading print alone!
  • And its so easy to watch a chapter or two after a long day…when getting dressed... during exercise or chores...for family time or devotions...or for an amazing sense of peace at bedtime.
  • Also, the modern Contemporary English Version (CEV) translation is easy to understand because it simplifies complex terms and long sentences while remaining faithful to the original. 
  • Best of all, The WatchWORD Bible will help you and your friends to read God’s life-changing Word in a dynamic new way--on video!


buy one. get one, free!

 If you are homeschooling your child then WatchWORD Productions Watchword Video Bible Contemporary English Version 10 DVD Set is just what you need to teach both English and the Bible.

It's the first video Bible ever that you watch like a movie. Produced in a thought-for-thought and phrase for phrase manner, which is the best way to learn a language. Seeing and hearing increases memory exponentially.

Plus, your student will read the entire New Testament in one calendar year when they engage for just six minutes per day Monday thru Friday.

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WRITTEN AT a 5th grade level, it's truly the bible made easy.  SO EASY TO READ AND REMEMBER.

there's never been a bible like the user-friendly watchword productions watchword video bible Contemporary ENGLISH version 10-dvd set .