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 THREE ways to watch the Bible  

Surveys show people say they're too busy to read the Bible or it's too difficult. The WatchWORD Bible 10-dvd new testament video bible makes it nearly effortless... because you watch, read and hear it all at once. Chapters average just six minutes, which is ideal for any schedule. Best of all, by watching one chapter on weekdays, you will completely read through the whole New Testament in a year--something many folks don't in a lifetime! Studies show you remember up to five times more of what you see & hear than what you read, too.

The WatchWORD Video Bible 

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Watchword Productions The Watchword Video Bible Contemporary English Version 10-dvd Set

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Mark 1:2-11.

1 Corinthians 1:1-13

  • Romans (1 hr, 29 min)
  • 1-2 Corinthians (2 hrs, 22 min)
  • Galatians - Philemon (3 hrs, 16 min)
  • Hebrews - Jude (2 hrs, 53 min)
  • Book of Revelation (1 hr, 50 min)
  • Gospel of Matthew (3hrs, 16 min)
  • Gospel of Mark (2hrs, 4 min)
  • Gospel of Luke (3 hrs, 27 min)
  • Gospel of John (2 hrs, 25 min)
  • Book of Acts (3 hrs, 13 min)