The easy to read and understand Contemporary English Bible on 10 DVDs.

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The easy to read and understand full motion video Bible that you watch like a movie. The ultimate user-friendly Contemporary English Version New Testament that plays on all devices anywhere at any time.

 Welcome.We're glad you are here. WatchWORD Productions The WatchWORD Video Bible Contemporary English Version has many uses and applications. Searching for the truth? This has wisdom and guidance from one of the greatest prophets and teachers, Jesus of Nazareth. Want to learn English? You can use another Bible in your native tongue with the WatchWORD Video Bible to learn and speak English. Need a way to have a group read from the same page in order to effectively teach a class or lead a small group discussion? Play the WatchWORD Video Contemporary English Version and pause it to make your point. This really is "the Bible made easy."

it's The Most POWERFUL WAY that you will read the bible, Ever!

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The Watchword Video Bible Contemporary English Version 10-dvd Set.